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Real estate is evolving and the past models are challenging buyers and sellers to find agents that provide traditional services of the past with a new cost model that supports the digital world. The digital online applications provide direct access to listings and customers are more informed today than ever before. If you've looked around this site you will notice we are dedicated to providing information and valuable tools whether or not you choose to use our services.

Our goal and model revolves around a simple concept, provide excellent service at a price that is affordable and fair to our customers. We enjoy real estate and want our customers to have a successful end-to-end experience.

The pricing models today are built on a cost model that revolves around the sale price of the home. While this does work well in some instances, it can inflate the cost in many scenarios. The total percentage that is created in a listing contract will be based from the sales price of the home and most of the time split evenly between the buyer and seller agent. For instance, a 6% commission in a listing will result in 3% to each the buyer and seller agent.


Assiting sellers with results, not promises, by providing full listing services that come with dedication, experience and care at a price that keeps equity in your pocket:

Market analysis to help you price your home and maximize your return

Marketing services, high quality pictures, website listing and signs

Negotiate and facilitate transaction from contract to close

MLS listing to reach real estate search tools and engines

Home preperation and staging advice

Open house and lock box

Our listing model is based from a percentage of the house selling price however, it does not go higher than 1.5%. There is still the buyer agent commission which can be set to a number that is attractive for the buyer agent. Our model also incorporates a flat fee of $995.00 which is due at closing for a full service listing along with the commission. The addition of the flat fee provides a flexible model that keeps the commission rate low and fair for our seller. If you are still wondering how this compares to traditional commission only agents, see for yourself below.


Our buyer service model is equally important and we are focused and dedicated to a successful buying experience. We are dedicated to providing full service buyer assistance and representation

We are at your side from beginning to end:

No obligation initial consultation

Home search and personal tour

Attend and schedule home inspections

Negotiate and facilitate transaction

Final walk-through and closing

The buyer agent is compensated from the commission built into the seller contract:; therefore, the buyer has no expense to an agent. In essence the buyer has a down payment, inspection, appraisal and other closing costs, but the majority of the agent fees are already taken care of by the seller. In cases where the buyer commission is not already allocated (example, for sale by owner) we will work with you on a flat fee model. When the commission is built into the seller contract we offer the following coupon to our buyers as an introductory offer.

Additional discounts and rebates are also available in certain conditions as well as military, government and some local Maryland business employees. Call us for more information on our discounts and programs available to our buyers.

Do not be fooled by rebate offerings from online or discount brokers, read the fine print, terms and conditions before signing a contract. The discounts and rebates are discretionary and subject to many requirements from online and discount brokers. We believe in providing real value and our offers are valid from beginning to end. Please call us to get more information and details on our buyer programs.

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